Who doesn't have the Star Wars license

There's some good tracking going on over at this thread at rpg.net

Here's the latest tally

I'll keep updating this post with more publishers as they become available.

Who has the Star Wars license

So a post over on the Mongoose Publishing's Blog has people going crazy over who has the Star War Gaming License. I must admit I'm hooked as well. But re-reading the exact quote

". We are not going to reveal who this is (you have heard of them), as that is their fanfare to blow. However, I am sure many will find it intriguing that the licence covers card games, RPGs, and... miniatures. Now, the company concerned is not known for its miniatures lines, which will probably put paid to my dream of 28mm multipart/multipose Stormtroopers."

Looking over at the Star Wars site, there's this announcement for this trading card game. Is Sony the license holder?

Edit: Turns out it's an online only card game, not a physical card game.

Comment Spam

One thing I liked about WordPress is that it automatically weeded out spam for me. It also emailed me when I needed to approve comments. Time to go hunt down a spam filter module for the new CMS.


I was hoping to do a more substantial post, but I think little and often is a good way to go. My daughter has picked up a pretty nasty cold, so I've been tied up.

Since restarting the blog, I started checking out gaming forums. While surfing enworld, I stumbled across a blog entry by big-mac about trying to find Spelljammer fans. Honestly, I never played or ran Spelljammer, but I loved the idea. I hope to get some time together and check out the links he posted, but it's as good a starting place as any.

Makezine's Top 10 Miniature Stories

Makezine Blog has posted Top 10: Miniatures and tabletop gaming, a collection of, well, their top 10 stories about miniatures and table top gaming. The number 3 story, Print your own wargaming minis is something I'd like to try.

Updating The Site

I've gone and done it. I've updated the site. As you can tell, we got a new look and feel. Hopefully all the old links and content are still in place, and as time goes on, I'll be adding new features.

Thank you for your patience.

Resurrection is gonna cost ya

It's 2010, and I haven't posted crap. Yes I am gaming, but mostly 4ed. I did get a copy of Doctor Who and it looks pretty good (love the initiative system).

I'm planning to make better use of this site in 2010. Possibly redesign the site or change CMS. Keep checking up.

Doctor Who

Looks like it's almost out. Paizo has it listed for pre-order here. They're saying December 2009, so it should be soon, or pushed out.

Gaming in the Office

When we're young, you got all the time in the world for gaming. When you get older, that time decreases. Get married? Lose more time. Have a kid? Count yourself lucky if you have any time at all. Guess you all figured that out from my irregular postings. Outside my regular D&D game (which may go on a bit of a hiatus as the DM himself is having a kid), I just joined the Gaming Grunts for a weekly lunch hour game. They've had a game going for a bit now, and even post their games as podcasts.

Back in the Dungeon

FInally got myself back into D&D. It was a short but sweet game, next time should be longer if I can keep up the house work. Parenting since gaming wasn't the only first for me today, I also had my first experience gaming with a remote player. We used a laptop, a logitech webcam, cable internet, and skype to pull it off, and I think it went pretty well. Eventually I'd like to set up a remote game with some people across the country that I miss gaming with. The D&D insider character generator sped up my character generation process.